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LY168 Digital Thermometer!

An accurate body thermometer that is very easy to use and can rapidly measure temperature. Get one second fast reads from forehead/surface with no physical contact, prevents cross-infection between multiple people.

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LY168 Thermometer

Who is Ara Medikal

Ara Medikal, based in Istanbul – Turkey, is amongst the top local companies specialized in the trade and distribution of hygiene products, medical supplies and medical equipment. We operate on B2B and B2C level, our main B2B customers are hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and pharmacies as level end-consumers which all rely on Ara Medikal for certified quality products and professional services.

We firmly believe that the quality of a service or product is not used in the effort to guarantee it but what the customer one gets. Therefore, for us, to maintain high-quality standards equivalent to best protect the work of health professionals and hence the health of patients.


What do we offer?

We firmly believe that the quality of a service or product is not used in the effort to guarantee it but what the customer one gets. Therefore, for us, to maintain high-quality standards equivalent to best protect the work of health professionals and hence the health of patients.

Hygiene Products

We offer you high-quality hygiene products for professional use in hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare facilities. In order to maintain the necessary hygiene standards, a number of products are required, as each cleaning and disinfection step requires special measures based on the required active variety and differing material compatibility.

Keeping a hygiene plan contributes significantly to the prevention of cross-contamination and infectious transfers within healthcare facilities. It is crucial to keep personal and environmental hygiene to lessen the risk of contamination and to guarantee patient safety. This includes the basic hygiene measures, e.g. surface disinfection and instrument disinfection, but also personal hygiene, which especially refers to regular hand sanitation and wearing medical protective wear. The “Hygiene” category, contains many products you would need for keeping your practice sanitary, such as sanitizers, disinfectants, gels, lotions, liquid soaps and wipes for your skin and hands.

Medical Protective Wear

Medical protective clothing for your hands, head, face and body are typically used to prevent your skin from coming into direct contact with viruses, bacteria and germs. Please refer to “Protective Clothing” category, where you can explore a good selection of protective wear and surgical clothing.

Whether you need surgical masks, surgical caps, disposable aprons, isolation gowns, protective glasses or surgical clogs – here you can find the proper protective clothing to meet your daily needs for work in the practice, operating theatre, hospital and any other clinical area and health care facility. In addition to these, we also offer you a good range of exam gloves and surgical gloves, including powder-free, latex-free and nitrile gloves.


In our “Disinfectants” category, you can find a large assortment of professional disinfectants and sanitizers to use in medical practices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities to disinfect surfaces, floors and medical products. Hand sanitizers are a popular item in our portfolio of products with different components such as propanol, octanedione and others depending on the required properties.

Our assortment of cleaning products also includes products to clean and disinfect instruments to prevent contamination. We also offer disinfecting wipes, and antimicrobial wipes are available with and without dispensers. In addition to the conventional solution, we also offer laundry detergents and disinfection accessories, such as dispensers and ultrasound cleaning devices for thoroughly cleaning your medical instruments. At Ara Medikal we offer you affordable, professional hygiene products for infection control.

Cleaning and Care

It is crucial to use the proper cleaning and care products to keep the skin healthy in addition to frequent washing. Therefore, Ara Medikal offers you a selection of soaps, wash lotions and skincare products for thorough cleaning of normal, sensitive, damaged and allergy-prone skin.

Paper Products and Disposables

Many medical fields prefer the use of disposable products to maintain flawless practice hygiene. Under this category, you will find equipment made from paper and cellulose, including paper towels, incontinence pads, couch and table paper with various specifications at affordable prices. In addition, you can find general hygiene products for your practice, such as toilet paper and cosmetic tissues.

Ara Medikal Digital Thermometer

No Touch and Safe Design – The temperature can be measured from a 3-5cm distance, healthier and convenient.

Operate Easily and Read Clearly – Large backlight display screen shows temperature values clearly both during Day & Night. 3 different backlight colours make it easier to determine the meaning of the temperature readings.

Auto-Off Function – Ara Medikal digital thermometer will shut down automatically if not being operated for over 30 seconds to save battery.

Wide Range of Applications – Ara Medikal no contact infrared thermometer can be widely used by and for family, school, hospitals, businesses and etc… It is suitable for infants, babies, children, adults, and elders. It even is applicable for measuring the temperature of milk, bathwater, and food.

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